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House of Cards
- in German, by [ profile] coja5_10

House of Love
- in German, by [ profile] coja5_10 


Agent Sitwell: BNF
read by Fleur Rochard (fleurrochard)

Mouth to Mouth @ AO3 and LJ, read by sisi_rambles

I give blanket permission to create transformative works of my works.

This means: you can podfic, translate, remix, write fanfic of, knit, whatever you want - any of my works. This blanket permission excludes nothing. You don't have to ask before you set out to do whatever you do; I only ask that you provide me with a link to the finished product once you're done so that I can link to it here and show it off to all my friends. I also ask that you don't repost any of my works anywhere.
You can contact me via PM here, on LJ or via email: nerakrose at gmail dot com.


interactive fanfiction and art masterlist of [personal profile] nerakrose / [ profile] nerakrose. because why not? i find them easier to use than long lists, and while CTRL+F is an excellent tool, i like clicky things.

everything is easily browsable via tags. the overview is provided by the multilevel tag tree on the tags page, which you should already be on if you followed a link here from my journal. everything is tagged primarily by fandom and is then broken down into sub-categories, like so: havemercy: pairing: ivory/raphael, or harry potter: fest: hd_erised.

you can also use commas between tags to search for fics tagged with either TAG#1 or TAG#2, like so:,harry+potter:+pairing:+remus/sirius

to find fics tagged with both TAG#1 and TAG#2, use a comma between the tags and tack ?mode=and onto the end of the url, like so:,harry+potter:+pairing:+remus/sirius?mode=and

fanart @ dA and occasionally, tumblr.

if you're interested in my recs, head over to [community profile] roserecs.