nerakrose_ficarchive: a photoshopped picture of two men kissing with the text remus & sirius (remus/sirius)
Title: Tea and Oranges
Artist: nerakrose
Medium: acrylic paint on 20x20cm canvas, magazine clippings, 2b pencil on paper and decoupage lacquer
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: This is the art I made for the rsbigbang story Tea and Oranges. I went for mood rather than details and accuracy. I felt this kind of art suited the mood and particularly the melancholy of the fic much better than any pencil sketch I could've made.

Tea and Oranges )
nerakrose_ficarchive: a photoshopped picture of two men kissing with the text remus & sirius (remus/sirius)

Title: Indiana Lupin and the Search for the Conqueror
Author: nerak_rose
Genre: AU, adventure
Rating: NC-17 for pr0n and bits of violence
Disclaimer: The attentive reader might recognize bits and pieces (big bits and pieces) and plot from the Indiana Jones universe (mainly Raiders of the Lost Ark) and the Clive Cussler universe (mainly Treasure and Cyclops). YES I STOLE THEM.

Word Count: ~67k

Summary: Remus Lupin is an undercover archaeologist for the British Museum and is sent to Greenland to investigate a Roman shipwreck. In Greenland he meets Sirius Black, makes a real discovery and soon enough the two of them are racing through the world in search of the remains of the Library of Alexandria with Remus’ arch-enemy right at their heels.

Author's Notes: This is not a non-magical AU, though there are many Muggle elements. Timeline tweaked; takes place sometime this side of 2000, also Harry and Teddy are around the same age. Other minor inconsistencies with canon occur.
This fic started out as crack. I brought it upon myself when I said to a friend “
you know, if there exists a morph between Indiana Jones and Remus Lupin, then I want its babies. <.<”. The rest is history.
I apologise for all factual inaccuracies – I’ve done my best to keep it as correct as possible (blame Wikipedia for false information!), but I have also taken a few artistic liberties. Please don’t have my head for it; it was all done in the name of fic and puppies.
ALSO, many thanks to my wonderful and awesome beta, M, for pointing out faults and errors and not!English words as well as tearing this apart when necessary and for all her wonderful squeey and hilarious comments. A mention goes out to K as well for helping me with the Latin and some of the classical stuff and most importantly, britpicking.

Written for rsbigbang

Reading options:
1) bigbang site (with accompanying art),  here.
2) The story (without the art) on AO3, here.
3) here on dreamwidth (without the art):
nerakrose_ficarchive: a photoshopped picture of two men kissing with the text remus & sirius (remus/sirius)
Title: Straight On 'Til Morning 1, 2 +3
Artist: nerakrose
Medium: 2B, 4B, 6B and colour pencils
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: This was a pinchhit for the rsbigbang. The art and the story are originally posted here.

Straight On 'Til Morning )


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