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He Eats Snow For Breakfast (25741 words) by nerakrose
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings/content: severe injuries, mentions of torture, a lot of talking, no seriously a lot of talking,
Relationships: Pepper/Natasha (background), Clint/Phil (background), Tony/Steve (pre-romance)
Characters: Loki, Tony, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Pepper, Clint, Phil, Fury, Hela, Death, Jarvis,
Summary: When an injured Loki shows up at Avengers Tower a good year after the Chitauri invasion, the Avengers find themselves turning into babysitters.
Beta/s: [personal profile] mrs_jack_turner & [profile] inside_the_veil
Author's notes: A good amount of meta and some brushing against the fourth wall. Some crack is to be expected. Regarding Hela, she is based on my knowledge of the mythological character. This is a somewhat Loki-centric gen!fic, but most Avengers get to shine in the spotlight as well.
nerakrose_ficarchive: a cropped version of a painting of a beautiful stairway leading into the skies (i watched you sleep/coulson)
Title: Baby Blues
Author: nerakrose
Word count: 5,4k
: When Hulk turns out to be preggers...
Notes: mpreg crackfic. Unbetaed. Also not archived elsewhere but on [ profile] avengerkink.
Warnings/content: implied non-con, forced impregnation resulting in forced pregnancy + parentage. Please be aware that for the sake of crack I've not dwelt too deep in these issues. I take all the blame for problematic representation.


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