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Title: Then were taken Loki's sons
Pairing/Characters: Loki, Loki/Sigyn, Loki/Angrboða (past), Loki/Svaðilfari (mentioned)
Rating: G
Word count: ~1000
Beta/s: mrs_jack_turner
Summary: My name is Loki, adopted son of Odin, true son of Laufey and Fárbauti. I have seven children and this is how they came to be.
Notes: This fic is a fusion of MCU!Loki and Mythology!Loki and happened when I asked myself the question "What if MCU!Loki had all the children Mythology!Loki had? How would he feel about them and their fate?" I think it's fair to say that any crossover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Norse Mythology will never be entirely accurate in either verse, but must stand on their own. This fic is set years after The Avengers, many years into Loki's punishment. The title comes from Gylfaginning.

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nerakrose_ficarchive: a cropped version of a painting of a beautiful stairway leading into the skies (stairway to heaven)
Title: Ace of Spades
Author: [ profile] nerak_rose
Pairing/Characters: Loki, Sleipnir (cameo)
Rating: G
Word count: ~900
Beta/s: [ profile] inside_the_veil and [ profile] mrs_jack_turner, to whom I am eternally grateful.
Summary: Loki slips into the stables to have a long think about a few things he's learned.
Notes: Set after The Avengers. This story was inspired by this card from a deck of cards, illustrated with the Nordic Gods, that I bought in Iceland this summer. I was both very amused and very pleased that Loki was an ace, and when I showed the card to the abovementioned girls, I picked the ace of spades because it's always been my favourite card.



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