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Title: Our Fates are Devious by Heart
Author: nerak_rose
Disclaimer: The characters belong not to me but to JKR and whichever literary agencies she’s published under. This wasn’t made for profit and not meant to do harm, also I am a poor student and would prefer not to be sued.
Rating: R
Word Count: 2075
Art: February Air by wishteria
Summary: Remus and Sirius escape to Paris during the first war.
Author’s Note: Many thanks to inside_the_veil, my wonderful beta and wife, for helping me sort out this modernistic hell of a mess. I’m afraid it’s still modernistic, but hopefully it’s less of a mess. I will not apologise for the angst, but please bear with the metaphors; it’s not their fault they are there. Please don’t hurt them.

Written for shaggydog_swap and posted here.


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