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Title: Home is where the is | AO3
Author/Artist: [ profile] nerak_rose
Recipient: [ profile] dustmouth
Rating: G
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *excessive cuteness and one unhappy (not really) cat *
Word count: ~350
Summary: Remus has been away for a few weeks. Sirius is waiting for him.
Notes: dearest N! I did promise I'd make you a little something for the bonus round since I had to cop out earlier. This little ficlet (drabblet?) is loosely connected to this, but no prior knowledge is needed and it stands alone just fine. Forgive the cheesy title. Happy new year!
nerakrose_ficarchive: a photoshopped picture of two men kissing with the text remus & sirius (remus/sirius)
Title: Stars and Umbrellas | AO3
Made for [ profile] blanketdinstars for the 2015 round of [ profile] rs_small_gifts.
Rating: G
Summary: He comes every day at 9am, borrows the paper and has a cup of coffee, black.

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nerakrose_ficarchive: a photoshopped picture of two men kissing with the text remus & sirius (remus/sirius)
Title: Of Tinsel and Nice Starts
Author/Artist: [ profile] nerak_rose
Recipient: [ profile] knowmefirst
Rating: G
Contents or warnings: none
Word count: 2.6k
Summary: Mysterious clouds and strange coffee abounds. Office romance.
Notes: AU where there's no war! Set right after Hogwarts. Thank you to [ profile] mrs_jack_turner for betaing this for me. Written for [ profile] knowmefirst for the 2014 round of [ profile] rs_small_gifts.

Of Tinsel and Nice Starts @ [ profile] rs_small_gifts
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Title: Early Morning, London Skyline
Author: nerak_rose
Recipient: littlewolfstar (for rs_small_gifts 2011: originally posted here.)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and a little bit of bloodshed
Warnings: none
Word count: 12812
Beta: heartofspells who has my eternal gratitude for looking this over for me at literally the last moment when no one else could. ♥
Summary: Sirius and Remus are patrolling the East English airspace when they get summoned for a top-secret mission.
Notes: Non-magical steampunk AU based on this artwork. I hope you like it, littlewolfstar! I had loads of fun writing it, anyhow.
Anachronisms galore. All sorts of liberties were taken with history and technological advances, as one would expect of a steampunk fic. Set on the brink between the Victorian and Edwardian era. Highlight for spoilery notes: **The London Underground started operating electric trains already in 1890 and not in 1900 as implied. Capital punishment in the UK wasn't abolished until 1969 (and last hanging took place in 1964). Benelux wasn't coined until ~1946.
In 1900 Alexei hadn't even been born - eskewed timeline ahoy. He's 14 here, and everyone else's ages have been altered to fit as well. Rasputin wasn't quite the villain I made him out to be; he was the family friend and doctor.
The Chapare arenavirus exists (not discovered until 2003) and is as described...however, the rest of it is fabricated science. If anything is correct, it is so unwittingly.
Brigs and schooners fly. Just go with it. Pretend they're made of super cool anti-gravity wood from Sherwood Forest. Lightning cannons don't need to be re-charged for they are magical and I've no idea how they work. Possibly they are powered by bottle-able Lily!Rage. (I, er, didn't have time to come up with explanations for everything, so I'm just going to refer you to The Rule of Cool.)
Sirius is, of course, unaware that the 'y' in "ye" is the letter thorn, pronounced 'th'. Remus is, as usual, too soft to correct him.

LJ | AO3


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