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Title: The Three Golden Tears
Author/Artist: [ profile] nerak_rose
Recipient: [ profile] red_rahl
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Word Count: 13,8k
Art Medium: watercolours, black ink and metallic paint.
Warnings: stillborn unicorn. I'm so sorry.
Content/Enticements: Art, bobby unicorns, and tropey fairytale paradises within.
Summary: Draco is the Queen's Appointed Unicorn Caretaker in the Forest of Dean, and is therefore obligated to take care of every living thing in the forest. That also means cursed Saviours...right?
Author's Notes: Dear [personal profile] red_rahl! I wish you the happiest of holidays and hope this gift will contribute to it. I was tasked to make art for you, and when a sudden change in my IRL situation prevented me from completing my art piece, the mods very graciously allowed me to complete my gift by writing fic for you alongside the art. I ran with your unicorn prompt and this is what came of it. I hope you like it! All my thanks to the mods for being so generous and flexible, and of course to my fic & art betas for looking this over for me. All remaining mistakes are mine. Happy holidays!


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